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One of the myths associated with Liquid Damage Repair, is to place the item in a bag of rice. Please don’t - it just doesn’t work, and may cause some of the rice to become lodged in the ports of the item, which can cause further damage.   If you can, remove the cover off the item, then leave the item in a dry warm area for a few DAYS and do not be tempted to switch it on. If you switch a Liquid Damage device on when it is wet, then there is a potential to ruin the components inside the item making it more difficult if not impossible to repair or retrieve your precious information. Bring it in to us and we’ll strip it down and clean it properly. Corrosion due to the liquid and interaction of the components and damp / wet air occurs very quickly, and switching the item on may short out the extremely small components within your device. Computers including Apple Laptops We are able to repair Liquid Damaged Logic Boards on Apple Mac Laptops and Computers. Mobile Phones Because of the size of the components used within the Mobile Phone, liquid damage repair is much more complex. As a rule, we do NOT offer a repair service for Liquid Damaged Mobile Phones, HOWEVER, we do offer a Data Recovery Service whereby we may be able to resurrect the phone sufficiently to gain access to the information held on the phone and copy onto a removable drive. This is a highly complex procedure and hopefully will result in recovering your valued photographs or messages, but will NOT result in a working phone. Minimum cost for this service will be £35
07588 182556
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