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Computa Bilda
07588 182556
Unit 11 New Market Hall Carmarthen Carms SA31 1QY
ComputaBilda is a family run business established in 2000 and based in Carmarthen. We have a wealth of knowledge in the computer and communications industry and work closely with a large number of local customers, businesses, schools, local authorities, charities and health organisations. We carry out Liquid Damage Repair and Board Level repair on most items of electronic equipment, using Standard Soldering, Micro soldering, and Hot Air Soldering. We are able to deep clean liquid damaged items in our Ultrasonic Bath. We Carry out Data retrieval from Mobile Phones and Tablets using JTAG or Chip-Off methods
What is OEM? The term OEM stands for 'Original Equipment Manufacturer', the exact meaning differs in several industries. To us OEM means that the part is the exact same part used within the your device, we source these from the same vendors the manufacturer use. By definition the part is an original part manufactured by the same vendor / manufacturer in the same way using the same procedures, equipment and processes as the part provided to the manufacture from the Vendor, the only difference is that we dont obtain directly from the devices manufacturer, nor are we affiliated with device manufacturer in any way.  
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07588 182556